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Barking Dogs

Do you have an issue with a barking dog in your neighbourhood? Read on to find out what steps you can take through Council to address the matter.

In Brisbane, a dog is considered a nuisance if it barks for more than six minutes in any hour between 7am and 10pm or three minutes in any 30 minute period between 10pm and 7am.

If you are not comfortable approaching the owner when the dog barks excessively, or if the dog continues to bark after the owner has had time to resolve the problem, you can report the issue to Brisbane City Council. If you have the exact location details of the dog, including house number and street, you can:

If this is the first barking dog complaint, Council will send you a Noise Assessment form so you can provide further information.
Following the review of the Noise Assessment form, Council will contact the dog owner to discuss the barking dog and provide advice on ways to manage the barking. Council and the neighbourhood must allow time for the owner to take action to address the nuisance barking.
If further complaints are received, Council officers will investigate. If the officer determines the dog is causing an ongoing noise nuisance, Council may give the owner a notice to remedy, and provide advice to help to stop the nuisance.
In some cases where the issue cannot be resolved, or the dog owner does not comply with the notice to remedy, Council may issue a fine.